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We combine artifical intelligence and precision medicine to make cancer detection fast, accurate, and accessible.

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About Us

Catalace is an oncology software platform that combines traditional AI algorithms with precision medicine data analytics to improve cancer therapies for patients. Currently, the use of AI in cancer diagnostics is limited to pathology. Using AI in the therapeutics space will allow for more personalized, accurate treatment regimens for complex cancer cases. Aggregating data on treatment outcomes and seeing how a patient’s unique characteristics compare will allow for a novel treatment regimen to be created that has the maximum likelihood of success. Catalace is a tool for oncology teams to use to help them make decisions on patient care.

Our software uses the following to generate conclusions:

  • High accuracy AI algorithms to read cell biopsy images
  • Deep learning algorithms to parse through patient history
  • Weighted algorithms to synthesize cell biopsy and patient characteristic information to generate clinical outputs and next steps
Our software package includes everything an oncologist or pathologist needs to acess this high-quality technology right from their device.
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The Process

1. Upload Cell Biopsy Image

Quickly and easily upload the patient's cell image as taken from biopsy

2. Input Unique Patient Characteristics

Enter patient-specific information, including history, blood panels, etc

3. Let Our AI and Precision Medicine Algorithms Synthesize

We perform fast and efficient reading and compiling of all inputs

4. We Give You A Final Report

We output a thorough and concise analysis of the image and patient data to conclude whether certain cells are cancerous and need further treatment


Our software packages high quality AI tech in an easy-to-use platform

Biopsy image reading

Patient history


Blood panels

Machine learning


Easily accessible

High accuracy

EHR Compatible





Our team is composed of scientists with experience at various levels of healthcare who are dedicated to creating technology-driven medical solutions

Dana Joseph, MPH

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Newlyn Joseph, MS

Chief Technical Officer (CTO)

Adrian Joseph

Lead Developer

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Catalace aim to do?

Catalace aims to implement AI driven insight into the clinical decision making process. Currently, cervical cancer data processing is the main feature, though this plaform is extendable to a variety of other clinical conditions.

Who can use Catalace?

Given the current focus on cervical cancer screening, oncologists can benefit profusely from having the AI-driven toolset Catalace aims to provide. Primary care providers can also benefit from this platform.

How will Catalace be integrated into current healthcare systems?

We aim to incorporate our AI toolset in a variety of modern EMR systems, but will also have cloud-based solutions for smaller practices and individual clinicians. Catalace access will also be available via secure web applications.

Can I Join Catalace?

We are always looking for talent, particuarly in the healthcare sphere. Contact us for more information regarding positions.

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